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5 Signs You Need Grub Control

Grubs are one of the most common lawn problems in Southern Ontario. However, an unknown

Root Booster – What, Why, and How?

Introduction Lawn care is a constantly evolving industry. Many different products, equipment and technologies are

Why Liquid Aeration Is Perfect for your Lawn

Liquid aeration is the process of reducing soil compaction to allow water,
oxygen and nutrients to enter the lawns root system. When soil is compacted…

Fire Ants: Dr. Green’s Solution & Why They Appear

Fire Ants are red and black-colored ants that build ant mounds out of the soil

Tree And Shrub Care

Tree And Shrub Care Something like 7 in 10 homeowners have some sort of lawn

April Showers Bring May Flowers (Weeds)

April showers bring May flowers (weeds) We have all heard the expression “April showers bring

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