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What you should know when completing your first lawn raking of the season!

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Posted on: Jan 22, 2019Raunie

Here is what you should know about completing your first lawn raking in the spring of each year. Over the winter months lawns become compacted and usually suffer with dried fallen leaves and garbage.

In most areas, spring weather is unpredictable so rain snow and cold, windy weather may occur.   Lawn raking is imperative to a healthy green lawn. All customers to rake their lawn as soon as it has dried out. This will reduce damage by indentations within the lawn itself.

What you should know about completing your first lawn raking

When completing your first lawn raking, use a flexible rake. This can be purchased at any local hardware or garden center. Flexible rakes are more efficient. Flexible rakes are less stressful on your back, and will not damage healthy root growth within the lawn.

Lawn Raking and Lawn Root Systems: Spring vs. Fall

Lawns need to breath to grow healthy root systems. In the spring the blades of your grass are compacted (lying flat). Bare areas are evident. Dried leaves and debris within your landscape and over the lawn need to be removed. Aeration and seeding go hand in hand. This process is better suited to the fall weather conditions. Do not replace a good spring raking with aeration. Raking with a flexible rake will remove dead grass (referred to as ‘thatch’ in the industry). Dried leaves and debris throughout the lawn will also be removed. Healthy grass blades and the roots will not be removed. Your first lawn raking of the season will make the difference between a healthy, thick lawn. Versus a lawn that struggles to breath and a root system that struggles to grow.

What About My First Lawn Raking & My Lawn Care Services?

Should you have a professional lawn care provider and they arrive to complete a granular spring fertilizer, please do not worry!  The fertilizer granules are so fine that they will fall through the rake once you rake and the lawn will enjoy the full benefit of the fertilization.

Be environmentally aware

You should know when completing your first lawn raking that it is important to be environmentally conscious. Consider purchasing clear trash bags at your local hardware or garden center both of which will provide a good quality collection bag and is acceptable to waste collection companies and will reduce waste on our recycling areas.

Be on the lookout for animal/insect or environmental damages

When completing your first lawn raking you may notice that the lawn’s root system may be coming up. Leaving large bare areas within the lawn. as w. This may be an indication of insect and/or animal damage and the time to contact a professional so you may enjoy a healthy green lawn throughout the season.

The damage within the lawn may be a quick repair and in other instances, you may require additional professional assistance.   Your first lawn raking of the season is the time to address any and all inconsistencies you may notice. You are then able to address concerns promptly and enjoy the benefits of the warm outdoors for the entire season.