Dr. Green is a local, family-run lawn care service

“Friendly Customer Service”

Appreciate the great and friendly customer service. Staff are willing to answer any questions. Service

“My Grass Looks Great”

I’ve dealt with Dr Green for many years. I really appreciate their customer service and

“Great Customer Service”

I’ve used Dr Green Lawn Service off and on for the last 8 years. I

“Weed Free This Season”

My lawn has tremendously recovered from some bad work of other people. Only have a

“Highly Recommend Doctor Green”

I am extremely happy with my service from Doctor Green. My lawn is looking better

‘Workers Are Very Nice’

I have been using Dr. Green’s service for two years now. Their workers are very

“Greener Than My Neighbor’s Lawn”

I am very pleased with their service and especially how my lawn looks. It is

“Very Pleased”

Until the spring of 2011, I had always taken care of our lawn myself. I

“Pleased With The Results”

My yard looked so much better this year after using your services, my husband and

“Thanks, Dr. Green”

I recently switched my lawn service to Dr. Green. I am very satisfied with their

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