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Winter Weed Control

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Posted on: Nov 30, 2022Luis M Pérez

Growth Inhibitors

Winter can be a great time to eliminate very stubborn weeds, and for some weeds, it’s the only time. The main reason for this is that the lawns in Texas go dormant, which makes them less susceptible to some stronger weed control products. In addition to winter weed control, you should also consider weed suppressants or growth inhibitors in the winter. These products do not kill winter weeds, but they stop them from growing by blocking their photosynthesis (stops germination). This is a great way to temper dallis grass, poa anna, rescue grass, and winter rye infestations. In fact, these weeds can be very difficult to control, and if you don’t use a weed suppressant, you will have to deal with them until the summertime, when the warm weather will kill them off naturally. 

Common Grassy Weeds: poa-annua-in-grass-bright green

Why Is Weed Control Necessary In Winter?

Weed control is necessary for winter to control cool-season weeds. These are weeds such as dandelions, thistles, and clovers that thrive in the cooler and more wet conditions brought on by a Texas winter. 

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