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5 of the Best Lawn Dethatcher Rakes on the Market

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Posted on: Feb 13, 2019Jordyn Rowntree

An often overlooked aspect of lawn upkeep is dealing with the accumulation of organic material (namely, thatch) on your grass. Thatch and moss buildup can do a great deal of harm to a lawn if left untouched. However, that’s where raking come into play – and not with just any rake but with lawn dethatcher rakes. Here are the 5 best last dethatcher rakes available to make sure your lawn stays at its best.

Wolf-Garten Interlocken Dethatching Rake 12″ UGM3

The Wolf-Garten is arguably the best lawn dethatcher rake available. The 10 spring steel bladed head is flexible so that you can adjust it for the best angle to dethatch your lawn. Yet despite its robust head, it’s lightweight so that you can use it without tiring yourself out. Thus, the Wolf-Garten blends the best features you’ll find in lawn dethatching rakes – it’s sharp and powerful, yet light and flexible.

Bully Tools 92312 Leaf and Thatching Rake

The Bully, as its name suggests, is more than enough to deal with thatch, moss, and debris in any lawn. With its fiberglass handle, it is strong and relatively light, while its 24 tines means it gets great coverage. On top of that, it comes with the additional benefit of also being a leaf rake. However, a potential drawback is that despite the fiberglass handle, it still on the heavier side overall, potentially leading it to be a strain when using for extended periods of time.

Truper Tools 32120 Tru Tough Thatching Rake

As effective a lawn dethatching rake as any, the Truper is one for those, especially thatch-filled lawns. With a head of 19 finely-honed teeth, it will handle your thatch problems with ease. With that said, where it does fall short of some of the other rakes covered here is how it, at times, can damage lawns while getting rid of thatch, which might be a result of how incisive its teeth are.

Ames 15-inch Thatch Rake 2915100

A multipurpose rake, the Ames can handle weeds and leaves, as well as thatch. But, don’t let its adaptability fool you when it comes down to dethatching, it’s as good as any. Both its handle and head are extremely sturdy, meaning you can be using the Ames for a long time to come. Moreover, its head is self-cleaning, removing some of the hassle of maintaining it. It’s only real drawback is its weight, as it’s on the heavier side.

The Groundskeeper II Rake

The Groundskeeper is a lawn dethatcher rake that is light, wide, and flexible, as a result of its fiberglass handle, 21-inch head, and wire tines. If there’s one real drawback with the Groundskeeper that stops it running away with the title of best thatching rake it is that it’s lacking in durability. Unfortunately, it’s the tradeoff you often have to make for a lighter rake – it might not be able to handle heavy-duty thatching jobs.