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The Very Best Treatment Plan

Starting at $371.39

7 Seasonal Visits
Season Long Fertilizer
Season Long Weed Control
Liquid Aeration
Surface Insect Management
FREE   Premium Overseeding
FREE   Service Calls
FREE   Quality Control Inspections

The 5 Star Treatment Plan

Starting at $274.62

6 Seasonal Visits
Season Long Fertilizer
Season Long Weed Control
Liquid Aeration
FREE   Overseeding

The Healthy Treatment Plan

Starting at $230.76

5 Seasonal Visits
Season Long Fertilizer
Season Long Weed Control
FREE   Quality Control Assessments

Mosquito Control

Starting at $255

4 Seasonal Visits
Guaranteed Service
Safe for Children & Pets
Reduce Chances Zika & West Nile
Live Life Outside
What to expect

Caring for and cultivating the perfect lawn can be difficult. With Dr. Green, you can sit back, relax and let your lawncare team do the work for you. We create custom plans for the unique needs of your lawn to deliver amazing results. Our services run from early spring until late fall, so that you get maximum enjoyment from your beautiful green space.

Season-Long Weed Control

Season-Long Fertilizer

Liquid Aeration

Detailed Lawn Analysis

Premium Products

Quality Control Inspections

Seasonal Visits

Safe for Children & Pets

Live life outside

Frequently asked questions


How often does my lawn need to be serviced?

Our treatment plans are optimally designed to ensure you receive the right treatments at the right time of year based on your lawns needs. Typically services are provided every 4- 6 weeks.


I bought my package, what's next?

After you have purchased your desired program, you will receive a confirmation email that outlines your package and pricing information. Soon after, you will receive an email notification that our technician will be out on your property for your first scheduled visit. You are not required to be at home for the treatment, but we do ask that you unlock any gates to ensure our technicians have easy access to complete the service. Once each service is complete, you will receive an email outlining the services that were performed, as well as any instructions from the technician.


Do I need to mow my lawn before a service?

Yes! In order to maximize each application, it is best to have your lawn regularly cut at 2.5”. This allows for the fertilizer, seed and liquid aerate to reach the soil and gives way for the weed control to penetrate directly into the root system of the weed.


Do I need to water my lawn?

Yes, water is an essential component of a healthy lawn. In the spring and summer, we recommend watering at least 2 days a week (preferably 3 or 4). Our technicians will keep you up to date on specific watering instructions throughout the season and will always email watering instructions after each treatment.


Will my weeds be gone after one application?

Lawncare is a process and a partnership. With cutting and watering combined with our programs, it may take a few applications to get everything under control and promote healthy grass growth. If there are specific concerns you would like to focus on, we’re just a phone call away!

Treatment plans for the lawn of your dreams

Our plans are designed to give you the best value AND real results.

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