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Signs Of Grub Damage

Signs of Grub damage, the larval stage of beetles such as Japanese beetles, June bugs, and chafers, can cause significant […]

June Bugs And Grubs

June bugs and grubs share a close relationship in the life cycle of certain beetle species, but merely sighting one doesn’t guarantee the presence of the other—at least not right away. June bugs, also called May or June beetles, emerge as adult beetles in the spring or early summer to mate and lay eggs. These eggs subsequently hatch into grub worms, the larvae of these beetles. Grubs sustain themselves by feeding on the roots of grass and other plants, potentially causing harm to lawns and gardens.

Mosquito Season Starts Early

Mosquito Season Takes An Early Flight With the arrival of spring, temperatures are beginning to rise, but unfortunately, an unwanted […]

When Is My Lawn Going To Green Up?

A Lawn’s Awakening As the seasons change and nature starts its yearly renewal process, homeowners eagerly await when their lawns […]

Seven Steps To A Healthy Weed-Free Lawn

Lawncare in spring involves carefully cleaning, nurturing, and managing the inevitable weed growth. As the winter frost recedes and temperatures […]

Spring 2024 Lawn Care Checklist

As winter begins to fade away and the promise of spring hangs in the air, it’s time to turn our […]

Do I Have Grubs?

Grubs, Now Is The Time As a homeowner, it is important to be aware of lawn grubs. Grubs are pests […]