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DIY Lawn Care vs Hiring a Professional: Is it just about the cost?

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Posted on: Jan 28, 2020Ali

Did you know that DIY lawn care costs more than hiring a professional company to do it for you?  On top of material costs, the next major expense to any DIY project is the mistakes one learns along the way. These mistakes can often cost a lot more than having professionals take the reins!

Material Costs

Now it’s time for a bit of math but hear us out. Dr. Green has researched the prices of three competitors in the lawn care service industry for the same size property. The three prices were: $385, $371, and $406. We then went online to price out the average cost of a spreader ($212.99), 2 bags of fertilizer ($58.30), 2 bottles of weed control ($74.98), cost to rent an aerator ($70.00). Our final addition was the labour cost at $20 per hour ($120).

According to this analysis, the cost of this DIY lawn care project yields an average cost of $536.27. For the first year at least. While the average cost of hiring a professional to treat an average sized home is only $387.33. The real gain is the advantage of enjoying your time outside without the need of lugging around bags of fertilizer and jugs of weed control in the hot summer sun!

The Cost of a Mistake… is it worth it?

Fertilizer can do a lot of damage if applied incorrectly. For instance, if accidentally spilled it can burn the surrounding grass. This means having to apply seed, soil and, most importantly, water to the affected areas. Nobody is perfect and mistakes sometimes happen, even with professionals. These unexpected oops’ are an additional expense to factor into the DIY lawn care budget, whereas any professional company should fix any unforeseen accident-free of charge. The same considerations are true for weed control. If improperly handled it can result in permanent soil degradation causing more energy to be spent by digging out the area and replacing the soil altogether. You put a lot of time, energy and hard earned dollars and cents into your property, why not leave it to the pros!


Whether you choose Dr. Green Services or any of our competitors it just makes more sense to use a professional. It costs less, the products are better, and the work should carry a guarantee. Best yet, lawn care technicians are professionals and are trained to deal with anything that may arise when maintaining your lawn.