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Environmental Benefits of a Healthy Lawn

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You might say that a well manicured lawn is just pretty to look at. Yet, it is also important to consider the environmental benefits of a healthy green lawn. When I say healthy green lawns, this does not include weeds, tall grasses and crabgrass.  Healthy green lawns are beneficial to our environment and it is important to care for them as we would any other  plant. so, here is a small sample of the environmental benefits of a healthy lawn.

Produces Oxygen

The first benefit of a healthy green lawn is the production of oxygen for all people.  City or rural, it is a fact that 2000 square feet or 185 meters of healthy green lawn or turf grasses produce enough clean oxygen for a family of four for an entire year!

Reduces Carbon Dioxide Emissions

Another benefit of healthy turf is the universal reduction of carbon dioxide in our air.  Grass is just another plant that does as much for us as we do for it, if not more! It actively filters out pollutants in our air and converts them into energy for itself. Next time you consider paving over a patch of grass also consider replacing the hard working soil with another plant species that can help clean the air around you.

Controls Soil Erosion

It is often a topic of discussion of industry specialists that a healthy root system in grasses will naturally reduce soil erosion. Grass has an important function in not only looking and feeling good, but holding our ground where it should stay!

Improves Water Quality

A healthy lawn with deep roots helps filter the rainwater water that gets released back into our water tables. Keeping your lawn thick and lush helps the grass absorb pollutants and release cleaner water to replenish our reserves.

Increases the Value of your Home

A home with a healthy green grass actually can increase its value! If you are selling your home its best to consider a little outdoor TLC to give that welcoming appearance to potential buyers. Not only will you have a sense of pride while looking at your beautifully green and healthy outdoor space but most realtors agree that curb appeal matters!


Who knew how much a well maintained, healthy lawn would help the environment? We do! Call us today to find out more information about how we can help you, help the environment!

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