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Experts on Lawn Care: Spring Fertilizer

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Posted on: Apr 28, 2023Raunie

Spring Fertilizer: What is it and why do I need it? As lawn care professionals we understand the importance a Spring fertilizer has on the overall health of your lawn. However; with the ever changing marketplace, one of our most valuable resources when it comes to products, techniques, and equipment comes from our trusted suppliers. We pride ourselves with using the best products for our climate, turf types and local regulations and our suppliers are a critical component of that.

Craig McCutcheon
Target Specialty Products

I would like to introduce Craig McCutcheon with Target Specialty Products as our Trusted Lawn Care Expert. Craig and I have worked together for over 15 years and his knowledge and expertise has helped us develop the right agronomic plan to achieve a healthy, green lawn.

See below for important information so you can get the best out of your lawn care this year!

What are the Benefits a Spring Fertilizer can Bring to my Lawn?

Lawns in Ontario go dormant (not dead) for the winter months, surviving on carbohydrate reserves alone. By spring the plant has exhausted most, if not all of these reserves meaning like humans they need nourishment when they wake up. Think about how hungry you would be after a 4 month sleep! By feeding your lawn as early as possible you are giving it the nourishment it needs to replenish those reserves and start the year off healthy and ready to go! (What’s the most important meal of the day?)

When is the Best Time to Apply?

Spring fertilization is best as early as possible. Even in the event the lawn is still dormant Fertilizer prills will sit at the ready for when things thaw and the plant will take them up as soon as possible. This gives plant the jump it needs. 

What are the Spring fertilizer Components I Should Look for?

Dr Green spring Fertilizer is designed for best results in our Southern Ontario environment. It is a 3-tiered release system that utilizes Urea for immediate up front feeing for the plant upon application, then the Stabilized Nitrogen component releases over the first 4 weeks with the polymer coated XCU nitrogen giving the longest lasting release on the back end. This can assure your lawn is getting a consistent, controlled feed that ramps up as it does coming out of winter and into spring!

Why do we Fertilize Prior to Applying Weed Control in the Spring?

As previously discussed, spring fertilization not only nourishes your lawn after a long winter dormancy. It also provides the fuel and energy it needs to grown and fill in any of the voids and weak areas from winter. By feeding prior to weed control we are giving your lawn the benefit of choking out early weeds before their development. As well it is equally beneficial to have a robust growing lawn prior to weed control as once weeds are weakened and killed off a healthy lawn will fill in those areas eliminating the chance for further weed development. 

Do you have any Concluding Thoughts?

The best way to a great lawn is a healthy, green growing lawn. By keeping up on fertilization and giving your lawn the nourishment it needs, the long term benefits will be less weeds and more consistency with a happy healthy lawn throughout the year!