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Why Liquid Aeration Is Perfect for your Lawn

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Introducing Liquid Aeration

What is Aeration & What is Liquid Aeration?

Aeration is the process of reducing soil compaction to allow water,
oxygen, and nutrients to enter the lawn’s root system. When soil is compacted these nutrients are blocked at the surface of the soil.  Aerating basically eliminates this blockage and this helps the grass grow thicker,
greener, and healthier. It is recommended that every lawn gets aerated at least once per year in the spring or the fall. Some people opt to get it in spring and fall.

Core Aeration reduces soil compaction by removing plugs of soil mechanically using an Aerator. Plugs of grass and soil are removed and left on the grass to dissolve. This soil removal creates room for roots to grow deeper into the soil. With Core Aeration, there is the risk of damaging sprinkler systems and underground cable lines. It is also a 500-pound machine so it does not fit in small spaces and it cannot get close to fence lines so you shouldn’t expect 100% coverage.

Liquid Aeration reduces soil compaction by creating microscopic pores in the soil that act as a sponge which increases water and nutrient retention. These pores also create more room for the roots to grow and this causes the lawn to grow thicker and greener within weeks of application.
Because the product is liquid, there is no risk to underground sprinkler systems,  there is no mess and it provides 100% lawn coverage.

Which is Better?

Both Liquid Aeration and Core Aeration are great for the lawn should be done every year. In both cases, the lawn will become more efficient at receiving oxygen, water, and fertilizer and will, therefore, grow thicker and healthier. Of the two, Liquid Aeration is more practical because it is less invasive, it leaves less mess and it provides 100% coverage of the lawn. Liquid Aeration can also be applied with Fertilizer which creates synergy.

Application Timing

Liquid Aeration is best applied in the spring or the fall because this is when your lawn gets the best root growth.  It is also beneficial to provide Liquid Aeration with a fertilizer treatment because it will help the fertilizer get down to the root system. This synergy will lead to better and faster results of both the fertilizer and the aeration. You can even
apply it in both spring and fall for the best results as most golf courses do.


Allows oxygen, water, and fertilizer down to the roots.  Quicker results.
No need to mark sprinklers. Not messy. Best applied in spring and fall.
Apply with fertilizer for increased results. Provides 100% lawn coverage.
By the way, this is included in some of our treatment plans!

Want to learn more or do you have questions?

For more information on our liquid aeration treatment, please contact our Lawn Care Expert, Luis Perez, via email at luisp@doctorgreen.com.

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