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Dr. Green is a local, family-run lawn care service

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Mosquito Treatment

We apply a mosquito treatment to your entire landscape to control mosquitoes for up to 30 days per application.

Seed and Feed

A premium seeding combined with start-up fertilizer and compost to thicken up your lawn.

Bug Be Gone

Make those pesky bugs go away!

Flea, Tick, and Fire Ant

Dr. Green’s Flea, Tick, and Fire Ant control is guaranteed to eliminateĀ Flea, Tick, and Fire Ants from your property.


Core Aeration removes core plugs from the lawn which allows your lawn to breathe and better absorb nutrients.

Grub Control

Grub Control can be applied when required in the spring and fall to control grub populations and protect your lawn […]


We apply premium, fast germinating seed to achieve a thicker, healthier lawn that helps choke out weeds.

Aeration and Overseeding

Combination of an aeration and seeding allowing germination without adding topsoil.