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Shoveling Tips and Tricks

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Posted on: Jan 25, 2023Raunie

We all know the dreaded feeling of a snowstorm. Winter driving, runny noses, and of course, shoveling. Working smartly, and safely, and using the correct tools will help make this exhausting task a little more manageable this winter.

Work Smart

Firstly you can apply salt or ice melt before a storm hits, that way it can melt the first layer that often freezes and make pushing a shovel easier. Secondly, if you shovel the snow more frequently during a storm it is less strenuous for your body and will take way less time. And Finally, throw the snow deeper into your lawn instead of piling it along the side of the driveway. This allows the snow to be distributed more evenly. By doing this you are going to reduce the risk of snow mold in the spring.

Shovel Safely

While shoveling is a great source of exercise, it is very important to safely approach this task to avoid any potential health risks or injury. A few things to keep in mind when you’re venturing outside:

  • Layer your clothing
    • Work in 20-30 Minute intervals (or trust your body and stop when you feel tired)
    • Hydrate
    • Stretch your body throughout and change your grip on the shovel
    • Avoid wrenching your back by throwing the snow behind you

Shoveling snow can be tricky business so it’s best to check on your neighbours to see if anyone is in need of some help. Two shovels work faster than one!

Use the Right Tools

Different shovels do different things. I found this article very helpful when checking out the latest and greatest out there. I ended up getting a different shovel this year and what a difference! For a small investment in a different shovel, it made the job quicker and easier with way less effort.

Another essential item to have on hand is either salt or icemelt. Choosing the right one for your needs is also important to consider. We go into more detail about the difference here if you’re curious.

After all, we’re Canadian. Snow is what we do! But please remember to stay safe folks. And know that once you’re done, hopefully, there’s a steaming cup of hot chocolate and a cozy blanket waiting for you inside.