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Top 5 Lawn Care Tips

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Posted on: Nov 30, 2023Raunie

Lawn care isn’t rocket science but sometimes it can be overwhelming if you don’t know where to start, that’s why we’ve come up with the Top 5 Lawn Care Tips to grow and maintain your lawn.  Whether you’re new to lawn care or a seasoned veteran it’s always handy to brush up on the basics to keep your lawn lush, green, and healthy.


It’s important to set your lawn mower to 2.5”, this way your grass will have a strong root system. This will help the lawn be more resistant to drought stress, disease, and insects. A helpful hint is also to cut your grass in a different pattern each time. Most people don’t know that by switching up the way you cut it helps the lawn be cut evenly to allow each blade the opportunity to take up beneficial nutrients to stay healthy.


By raking your lawn in the spring and in the fall, it reduces thatch build up. Thatch is a layer of dead grass that builds up along the top of the soil. The thicker this layer is, the less water, air, and nutrients can reach the roots of the grass and absorbed by the plant. You’d be surprised how much your lawn will improve after a good rake after long winter months.


We lose approximately 5 – 15% of our lawns every year due to the harsh winter conditions. The best way to combat this is to overseed your lawn every spring once the temperatures reach 10 degrees Celsius consistently. After you rake out the dead grass, replace those bare areas with grass seeds before the weather gets warm and the weeds try to infiltrate. This helps keep your lawn lush, but also reduces the ability for weeds to spread and create more problems.


This one’s easy: Water between 6am – 9am. Twice a week for an hour. That’s it. I promise.


This one can get tricky if you’re a DIY-er but without getting too scientific, lawns need food. Nitrogen and Potassium are the top 2 components that are required in feeding a lawn. This is something I take very seriously as to ensure that our services are both beneficial and sustainable within our environment.  When putting down nutrients in the spring always ask your local garden centre or lawn care company for the best fertilizer blend and remember: Less is more.

So that’s it! Lawn care 101 in a nutshell. Now we can go back to our cozy blankets and hot chocolate while we wait for spring.