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What Is Lawn Edging And Why Do It?

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Posted on: Feb 13, 2020Jordyn Rowntree

Lawn edging is a term you might have heard of, but you might not know quite what it is. Well, now more than ever, it’s time for you to find out. With spring imminent, it’s time to make your lawn look its best, and edging needs to be front and center in your lawn improvement. It’s time to understand what lawn edging is and why you’ve got to be doing it.

What is Lawn Edging?

Edging is creating a clear dividing line between the grass in your lawn and the flowerbeds or any other sections of your yard, primarily for the purposes of landscaping. To go about doing this, you’ll need to neaten the edges of your lawn in a clear line with the help of an edger and trimmer, making sure there’s a clear separation between the grass and whatever lies next to it.


First and foremost, lawn edging is for the sake of your lawn’s, and your yard’s overall look. It is an aesthetic decision, a final touch to beautify your lawn. By trimming and cleaning up the edges of your lawn, it frames your lawn, giving it a sense of distinction and polish that other lawns will lack without it.

Lawn Health

With that said, lawn edging doesn’t have to be a purely aesthetic decision, it can, in fact, keep your lawn healthy and thus be a part of your maintenance program. Edging works well with mowing, and together they reduce the possibility of weeds, as trimmed and mowed lawns do not harbor weeds, as well as detear other pests.


A final reason to partake in lawn edging goes back to aesthetics but a particular facet of them. It’s not that having a clear delineating line at the edges of your lawn just makes your lawn look good, it’s how it does. It makes your lawn look unique, outlining its own particular shape and form that is always going to be distinct to each lawn.