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What is pre-emergent, and how does it help my lawn? 

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Posted on: Feb 08, 2023Luis M Pérez

Pre-emergent is one of the most important applications you can do to your lawn. It is a product that, when applied to the turf, will create a weed barrier. Pre-emergent reduces the number of weeds that will grow in a yard. In northern areas, such as Chicago and Indiana, pre-emergents are used to help reduce crabgrass from germinating in the spring. In southern regions such as Texas, pre-emergents are applied to prevent a variety of weeds, including crabgrass, Johnson grass, dallisgrass, and other weeds, from growing. A solid pre-emergent application is critical to a good weed control program. 

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When Should I Put Pre-emergent On My Lawn?

The best time to apply pre-emergents is before the weeds start growing. Thus, in Northern regions like Illinois and Indiana, you want to apply in the spring before soil temperatures get warm enough for crabgrass to grow. In Texas, it gets warmer earlier so you want to apply in the late winter to prevent spring weeds and then again in the late summer to prevent fall and winter weeds. 

If I apply Pre-emergent Will I See Weeds Growing?

Pre-emergents are an important part of an overall weed control program. However, they are just another tool in the toolbox because they don’t prevent all weeds from growing. Weed control is an all-around process of effective cutting, watering, fertilizing, and seeding. As always, the greatest defense against weeds is a thick, green, healthy lawn. Weeds are inclined to grow in thin and bare spots. 


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