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When Should You Start Watering Your Lawn?

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Posted on: Mar 15, 2021Raunie

knowing when you should start watering your lawn is integral to lawn maintenance and health. Water is what grass needs to survive, grow, and maintain its form. Go too long without watering your lawn and it starts to die. Start watering your lawn too early and it goes to waste as soil isn’t in the condition to sufficiently absorb it.

Temperature and Weather

The best way to get a sense of when to start watering your grass is simply by the temperature and weather. Once it is consistently milder – there is no more snow or frost and is generally warmer –  you should start evaluating your lawn to see if it is ready for watering.

Make Sure the Grass is Dry

Check to see if the grass has completely thawed and subsequent wetness and moisture has evaporated. It’s important to make sure the grass, as well as the soil, has dried out completely before thinking about watering.

The lawn will tell you when it’s ready, there’s no need to rush it. You don’t need to worry if your lawn even turns slightly brown before you start watering it. And it’s always possible that nature steps in, in the form of rain, to do the watering for you.

Water in the Early Morning

Another thing to keep in mind of is the time of day you should be watering your lawn. Early morning is the optimal time for watering. During the middle of the day, the sun is out and that makes watering wasteful due to the evaporation taking place as a result of the heat.

At night can be even worse as it can cause fungus. The early morning is perfect as it gives the grass time to absorb the water and take in the nutrients and minerals it provides.

Two Inches of Water a Week

Finally, remember the 2 inch a week rule. deeply watering your lawn twice a week allows the grass to better absorb that water and store it for future use.