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Winter Homeowner Tips

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Posted on: Nov 30, 2023Raunie

While we’re all bundled up inside and the snow is softly falling outside our windows, we thought it would be helpful to share a few helpful winter homeowner tips that can be done each winter to keep their property, family, and community safe. We are Canadian after all, winter is what we do!

  1. Clear snow from any furnace or dryer vents. If they are blocked you and your family could be at risk of carbon monoxide poisoning so it is best to regularly check these throughout the winter to keep them free.
  2. Clear ice and snow off of any large trees that are overhanging your property to avoid any potential damage or injury from falling ice or snow.
  3. Shovel a path to your meters. This helps our friendly meter readers immensely while they trudge through the snow each day.
  4. Keep footpaths and driveways clear of snow and ice
  5. Keep your gutters free of debris so as the ice melts it can safely be directed to the downspout.
  6. Routinely check any exposed basement walls for cracking. Identifying a crack early can significantly help prevent a costly repair.
  7. Turn off your outside water before first frost. A burst pipe is something no one wants to deal with in the dead of winter
  8. Pre order salt and ice melt and have ready
  9. Check your windows and doors for any drafts and seal if necessary. This not only keeps you cozy but also saves you money!
  10. Help any elderly neighbours clear their snow if you can. Heart attacks and injury is a real threat while shoveling so showing a little neighbourly love can help everyone.

We hope you have enjoyed these winter homeowner tips. Be safe, warm, and cozy this winter folks and we can’t wait to see you in the spring!