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Terms of Service

Dear Valued Customer,

Dr. Green Services is pleased that you have chosen us to be your lawn service provider. We know you have many choices in the market place and we appreciate that you have given us the opportunity to earn your trust. As lawn care is an ongoing process of improvement and a partnership between you and us, we want to start this partnership by going over what you can expect from this service agreement.

Firstly, it is our responsibility to provide you with quality service and with that you should expect to see a visible improvement in your lawn as each season progresses. Specifically, you will see the lawn grow thicker and healthier as time goes on and you will see a gradual reduction in weeds, diseases and insect problems. All our services are different in terms of how quickly and how well they work so we should advise you to read your service invoices for specific treatment by treatment instructions. Generally speaking however, each service that we provide takes about 14 days before any visual improvements will be seen. This is because most of our treatments are designed to be slow released into your soil and your plants and also because they do require some care from you the customer as well.

Secondly, you will see a gradual improvement in your lawn because there is no one single solution to having a great lawn. A lawn is like a house, to keep it nice and in good condition it requires regular maintenance and care from both Dr. Green and you the customer. Each treatment we provide will gradually improve your lawn so the long term impact will be greater than any one short term service.

Thirdly, and most importantly, you will see the best results if you participate in the partnership by following our cutting, watering, and seeding recommendations. On each work order left behind contains specific instructions one when to cut and water and on the back of each work order there are always general tips on how you can help maintain a thick and healthy lawn. The truth is you can do more for your own lawn that we can because cutting and watering habits are critical to a healthy lawn. If you neglect your lawn in these important respects there is very little we can do for you. Some of our fertilization treatments are slow released and designed to last until it rains, but counting on the rain the activate them will lead to inconsistent results.

Finally, we also want to go over some important terms of this agreement so that you are aware of the important details of this contract:

  1. For your convenience Dr. Green Services is a Subscription based service company. This means that all services including onetime services added during the season; do carry forward from season to season. We do it this way because our customer’s appreciate that we will keep caring for their lawn from season to season and because lawn care is a process.
  2. You can cancel your program any time for any reason by calling into our customer care department 1-800-465-2934 (USA) 1-877-374-7336 (Canada). We do not accept cancellation requests made to service technicians or in the field sales people for Dr. Green. The reason we do not accept cancellations through these channels is because such employees do not have the means to process the request. Email cancellations are not valid as you must speak to a customer care representative to properly close your account.
  3. The cancellation penalty for early termination of services would be the cost of any free service that was completed on your property.  The reason for this is all discounts and promotions are based on a full program commitment. If the full program is not completed the promotion is null and void and the charge is applicable.
  4. No Refunds.