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5 Questions to Ask Before You Hire a Lawn Care Service Provider in Ontario

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Posted on: Feb 06, 2019Jordyn Rowntree

Not all lawn care service providers are made equal.

There are a range of services you’ll want to consider before making a decision about who to hiring a lawn care service provider in Ontario. Whether you’re on a budget or simply want to know the cost of services up front, you’ll want to ensure that a provider offers estimates, bundles or affordable pricing. There are seasonal services that include fertilizing, aerating and snow removal. Each of which you may or may not need depending on your yard. If you’re looking for reliable, quality lawn care in Ontario, ask these five important questions to ensure you choose the right There are a range of services you’ll want to consider before making a decision about who to hiring a lawn care service provider in Ontario.

1. What lawn care services do you need?

As everyone’s lawn is different, people often need different services. As a result, it’s important to ask which services a provider has ahead of hiring them. Common lawn care services include fertilizing, weed control, insect management as well as aeration and overseeding. Additional services may include lawn insect management and deep root tree and shrub feedings. It’s important to check in to check what lawn care services are available.

Moreover, there can be services you need that you haven’t thought of or don’t know are available. One such lawn care service might be mosquito control. You never want a lovely lawn ruined by the buzz and bites of mosquitoes. That’s why Dr. Green offers mosquito treatment programs, so you can have a mosquito-free lawn!

2. Does the provider offer organic or environmentally friendly lawn care products and services?

There are several different reasons to ask if a lawn care service provider in Ontario offers organic and environmentally conscious products like environmentally friendly fertilizers, and services. Lawn care runs the risk of air pollution, chemical spills, and pesticide overuse. All of which can be hazardous to your health and any children or pets you may have. Keep your health and that of your property intact by investing in a lawn care service provider that offers natural, environmentally friendly lawn care options.

3. How much will your lawn care service cost?

Varying factor affect the pricing of lawn care. These include property size, location, and terrain as well as the existence of shrubs or trees, weeds and pests, and any yard structures. Contact local lawn service providers to learn more about their pricing, service packages, discounts as well as if provide estimates or quotes for services. In doing so, you can find out which competitor offers the best value for your property.

4. What is the guarantee?

Lawn care is a work in progress in a lot of situations. Some lawns need more TLC than others, which is why the satisfaction guarantee is important. Making sure the customer is seeing the results they expect should be a priority for most professionals. We at Dr. Green take pride in our work and then teamwork we build with our customers.

5. Does your lawn care service provider offer Tree and Shrub services?