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Armyworm Infestation

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Posted on: Aug 09, 2023Luis M Pérez

Armyworm infestation refers to the widespread infestation of particular moth larvae known as armyworms. These pests are aptly named due to their behavior of traveling in large groups and devouring vegetation in their path, much like an invading army.

Adult armyworms are generally moths with a characteristic brown or gray coloration. Observing moth activity around susceptible plants and grass can provide an early warning sign. Moths are most active during the warmer parts of the day, typically around dusk.

One of the most evident signs of army worm infestation is the rapid defoliation of grasses. These voracious eaters can devour leaves and stalks. The damage inflicted on the vegetation is characterized by irregular patches of missing leaf tissue, giving the affected plants a gnawed appearance.

Threat To Lawns

While armyworms target broadleaf plants, they also pose a threat to grasses. In the case of grass infestation, armyworms exhibit a unique feeding behavior that results in striping. This means that they consume the leaf tissue in a pattern that creates alternating bands of green and brown on the grass.

Birds, especially those that feed on insects, often detect the presence of armyworm larvae and gather around infested areas to feed on the pests.

Armyworm infestation


An infestation of army worms may cause ragged edges on leaves that have been partially devoured. The pests generally start feeding from the edge of the leaf, leaving behind irregular and jagged edges. This distinct feeding pattern can be a clue when identifying army worm infestation.


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