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Dandelions & Other Common Spring Weeds

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Posted on: May 12, 2022Luis M Pérez

As the saying goes, April showers bring May flowers! At Dr. Green, we understand that there has been significant germination of weeds this spring. This is not uncommon or unexpected. Weeds always grow in the spring and fall because weeds thrive in these growing conditions caused by moisture and sunlight. Just as the grass starts turning green and lush, so do weeds. The issue with spring weeds is also made worse by spring fertilizer. Spring fertilizer is meant to help jump-start the grass, but it also has the adverse effect of jump-starting the weeds. This is also by design, as we want the weeds to grow so that we can see them and treat them on your next visit. The way weed control works; is that we need to see the weeds to treat them. Below are some of the most common spring weeds. 

Weed Control & Dandelions: How to remove weeds and dandelions from your yard
Dandelions& Other Common Spring Weeds

5 Common Spring Weeds

Dandelions – Number one on the list, dandelions are both fast-growing and incredibly hardy. Even when conditions are not suitable for germination, the seeds can remain viable until growing conditions improve.

Chickweed – Chickweed is a common ingredient in birdseed and gets its name due to that purpose.

Henbit & Purple Deadnettle – While slightly different (but close enough that we grouped them), henbit and purple deadnettle are two common spring weeds in the mint family.

White Clover – This perennial weed grows low to the ground and is often found in lawns. It is a white-flowering weed that grows creeping, meaning it develops roots anywhere that a stem node touches the ground.

Wild Violet – While the name “violet” actually covers a variety of plants, wild or common violet is among the broadleaf spring weeds that have a resilient root system and can be challenging to control. 


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