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DIY Home Garden: Seed Germination

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Posted on: May 05, 2020Raunie

Germinating your Vegetable Seeds

To start your DIY home Garden you’ll need to figure out what vegetables you’d like to plant. Most home gardeners enjoy the convenience of purchasing a seeding from their local garden center. however, there is nothing more satisfying than starting your garden from scratch and watching it flower and produce. There are a variety of ways to start up your own seedlings which are a simple and fun activity for you and the whole family! 

Red Solo Cup Method

Simply fill the red solo cup with soil and plant the seed 2 inches from the top. Water each day and keep in a warm area of the home that receives sunlight. Great for larger plants, if you are starting your seeds early or if there is late spring. Water each day but be careful not to overdo it. So by watering more frequently with less water each time will make for a happy seedling.

Egg Carton Method

This is a great way to recycle your egg cartons in a small portable garden. These tiny containers prove to be perfect for tomatoes, beans, and herbs. Simply fill each section with soil and plant the seed near the center of the cup. Again keep the soil moist by watering every day but be mindful not to oversaturate.

The Importance of Labelling

Trust me when I say: Label. Your. Plants. This makes for an easy transplant into your outdoor garden. As a result, it allows you to strategically plant your seedlings in the right combination. Grouping your plants together can help make for an efficient and fruitful garden!

Don’t Plant Outside too Early

Keep an eye on the weather forecast and be sure that the overnight low does not go below 10 degrees Celsius in order to protect your seedlings from frost. It is important to remember that seedlings are baby plants so they are less likely to survive a big shock to their system with a cold snap.

When to Transplant Outside

You’ll want to start your seedlings 4-6 weeks before you’d like to plant outdoors. This allows for the seedlings to build a root system to protect itself from the shock of transplanting.  Carefully take the seedling out of the container, dig a hole that is big enough for the seedling to comfortably sit in the soil. Cover with the remaining soil and ensure that the seedling is standing straight up. Finally, finish off by adding a popsicle stick in front of the freshly planted seedling with a label as to what it is.


These simple tips will help set up your DIY home garden for success to allow for you and your family to be more self-sufficient and create a sense of satisfaction in cooking with vegetables grown 10 feet away from your backdoor. You can’t get any more local than that. Happy planting!