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Effects Of Winter On Trees & Shrubs

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Posted on: Jan 06, 2023Luis M Pérez

Wintertime Can Be A Bit Unpredictable

The wintertime can be a bit unpredictable as we all know. Snow, ice, and frozen soil conditions can damage trees and shrubs. Although parts of the U.S. haven’t experienced extreme cold weather, the high winds and large fluctuations in temperatures can also impact plant health. To help combat the harsh conditions the winter weather may bring, Dr. Green recommends preventive maintenance for all trees and shrubs, to be done in the Early Spring, right before the huge flush out with new buddings. Branches of trees can break due to the excessive weight of ice or snow. Tree strength can be improved with proper pruning to promote the formation and growth of the strongest possible branches and branch attachments. 

High Winds & Extreme Cold

Strong winds can cause evergreens and some deciduous trees and shrubs to dry out. To fight this, Dr. Green recommends planting hardy species suggested for the areas in which you may live. Make sure your trees and shrubs have sufficient amounts of water in the fall and apply a thick mulch blanket at a minimum depth of 2″ inches to help protect the soil and roots from extreme cold. You might want to also bring any potted plants inside during hard colder nights with an extreme cold snap. And cover any plants that may be more susceptible to the extreme wind chills with an old sheet or burlap. 


Some Quick Tips

  1. Fertilize trees and shrubs if necessary
  2. Remove snow from trees and shrubs branches to prevent breakage.
  3. Plant bare-root trees and shrubs this month.

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