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Exciting New Changes

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Posted on: Jan 20, 2022Luis M Pérez

Happy New Year!: We are pleased to announce some exciting new changes in services for 2022!

Exciting New Changes. Prepay and Save
Prepay and save

Turf Damaging Insect Control & Fungicide Will Be Included In All Treatment Plans

Our team at Dr. Green Services is pleased to announce that Turf Damaging Insect Control and Fungicide will be included in all lawn treatment plans this year. We made this important decision because we have seen a significant uptick in these issues over the past few years. We are now where most lawns will experience these issues if left untreated. All prepaid customers will receive these add-ons completely free of charge.

What causes lawn fungus, and how best to control it?

There are a variety of causes of lawn fungus, such as watering at night, overwatering, under watering, snow mold, dull mower blades, and over-fertilizing. Here are some tips on how to prevent lawn fungus:

Prevent the spread of the fungus by cleaning tools and sharpening mower blades every year.

Avoid night watering and overwatering.

Improve drainage – look for areas with poor drainage; standing water in areas is one of the main contributors to fungus in lawns.

All these steps are critical for preventing fungus and should be taken by all Dr. Green customers. We also want you to rest assured that we will be treating all lawns for fungus at the appropriate time of year. Our product acts as a preventative and curative, meaning it will prevent fungus from occurring and treat fungus if you already have it.

All Mosquito Defense Customers Will Receive FREE Perimeter Pest Control On Each Visit

One thing we are excited about is that all Mosquito Defense customers will receive FREE Perimeter Pest Control. If you have not tried it yet, Mosquito Defense is one of the most effective and fastest-growing services in the United States. It works amazingly, and customers love it. What’s more, is we have now found a way to include Perimeter Pest Control as part of the treatment without incurring any extra costs. We are pleased to pass these savings along to all our customers. The Mosquito Defense Plan will also control Fleas, Ticks, Spiders, Cockroaches, etc. Ask one of our representatives for details.

We Are Moving To Monthly Installment Invoicing

In 2022, we are upgrading our billing to monthly installments. This change will apply to all invoice billing and autopay customers. The purpose of this change is to simplify your monthly statements by breaking the plan out into equal installments. For example, Texas customers will be invoiced in 12 equal installments, and Indiana and Illinois customers will be billed in 9 equal installments.

There Is Still Time To Prepay And SAVE!

Prepay customers will receive FREE Grub Control, FREE Surface Insect Control, FREE Fungicide, and Aeration!

The best prepay offer we have ever provided. These treatments add up to over $300 in savings, and we strongly recommend that every customer take advantage before the season starts.

Any Questions?

If you have any questions about Monthly Installment Invoicing or anything else, please get in touch with us at 1-800-465-2934 or email me at luisp@doctorgreen.com.

*Please note this blog is related to our US Operations and is not applicable in Canada