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Fall Lawncare Checklist

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Posted on: Sep 28, 2023Raunie

The fall is the time of year for preventative maintenance to give your yard the TLC needed to survive over winter. 5-10% of our lawns die off each winter so by following this fall lawncare checklist, you’ll keep your lawn looking lush and green season after season.

Top Dressing

Soil quality is the #1 source of many lawn issues. Plants, insects, and weather all degrade the organic nutrients that exist within the soil.  We recommend that you add at least ¼” of black earth topsoil to your lawn every other fall to maintain ideal soil quality for your lawn to thrive.


The cool fall nights and the collection of morning dew help provide enough water for the seeds to germinate with enough time to root. It is best to seed approximately 1 month before the first frost for optimal results. Be sure to use seeds that is a blend Kentucky Bluegrass, Perennial Rye Grass, and Red Fescue. These turf types are the best blend to survive our wild weather swings each year.


Did you know that you get 60-75% more root development in the fall than in the spring? It’s true! A liquid aeration is a combination of humic acid and beneficial soil microbes that break down soil compaction and allow air, water, and nutrients to pass through more easily. The roots then have the ability to bury deeper into the soil and become stronger and healthier overall.

Rake up Debris

Your lawn becomes a catch-all for all surrounding plants, bushes, and trees so a light rake goes a long way. By raking throughout the fall it will limit thatch build-up and allow your lawn to breathe during this crucial stage of root development. Also be sure to use the right rake!

Garden Separation

Weeds tend to thrive in the borders between lawns and gardens. A handy tip is to provide a clean edge or barrier to separate these two spaces. This can be done with a small trench, bricks, or even a small decorative fence. By doing this, you will be limiting ground cover and other weeds from invading your grass.

Winterizer Fertilizer

Fun fact: grass has the ability to store nutrients over the harsh winter months. So, adding a little extra food to the mix will help the lawn take in what it needs to survive the winter dormancy period and come back lush and green next spring.

So that’s that! Follow this simple fall lawncare checklist and you’re one season closer to that perfect, lush green lawn