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Fertilize Trees & Shrub One More Time

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Posted on: Oct 12, 2022Luis M Pérez

Fall is here, which means checking off tasks from your Fall-to-do list—trimming your trees, raking the lawn, spreading fall fertilizer and grass seed, and laying new mulch. However, fertilizing your trees and shrubs is often left off the list. 

Fall tree and shrub fertilization is an important step that will help your trees and shrubs thrive by improving their overall health and making them more resistant to insects and diseases. 

Fall trees and Fall fertilizer
Fall as leaves fall on the green lawn

All plants need several nutrients to grow lush, colorful, and healthy. However, many of these essential nutrients are not readily available in the soil and therefore need to be supplemented with fertilizer.

For example, nitrogen assists with plant growth, leaf development, and the production of vivid, green colors. Phosphorous, common in most fertilizers, helps with root growth and the creation of fruit, seeds, and flowers. Finally, potassium (or potash), makes tree and shrub roots more hardy and resistant to drought and disease.

Fall Is Your Last Chance

Fall is a great time to fertilize your trees and shrubs for a few reasons. Firstly, in the summer, the conditions are too hot and dry, so fertilizing can burn your trees and shrubs, but in the fall, the conditions are cooler, so burning is no longer a risk factor. Secondly, fertilizing in the fall helps your trees and shrubs recover from a difficult summer. Much like with lawns, hot and dry conditions take a toll on your trees and shrubs, and fall is all about recovery. Tree and shrub fertilizing aids this process. Finally, fertilizing trees and shrubs in the fall prepares them to withstand a difficult winter. 

What Happened If I Do Not Fertilizer

As explained previously, fall fertilizer contains vital nutrients that help prepare your trees and shrubs to withstand a difficult winter. If you choose to skip this step, your trees and shrubs will be prone to diseases in the spring. This will make your maintenance more difficult once springs come around, and you may even lose some of the plants. 


For more information on Fertilize Trees & Shrub, please contact our Lawn Care Expert, Luis Perez, via email at luisp@doctorgreen.com.