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Fire Ants: Dr. Green’s Solution & Why They Appear

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Posted on: Apr 18, 2022Luis M Pérez

Fire Ants are red and black-colored ants that build ant mounds out of the soil in lawns, parks, schoolyards, and other areas where grass grows. Why They Appear, Fire ants are a huge problem because they are aggressive toward pets and humans. Fire Ants occur in large populations, and they have a biting and stinging mechanism. The ant mounds are usually easy to identify because they are built above ground. They are often found on the edges of properties or in bare spots. The ants build the mounds as a protective home for their ant colony and to provide protection to the fire ant Queen.

Why Are Fire Ants Dangerous?

Fire ants are particularly dangerous because they are very protective of their queen. If the ant mound is disturbed, they will attack very quickly and rapidly with potentially hundreds of fire ants that will bite and sting. Their bite is so powerful that several fire ant bites can kill a small animal and unleash significant pain to a small pet or human. 

Fire Ant Mound

How to Treat Fire Ants?

The best way to treat fire ants is with a bait treatment. As stated before, fire ants react quickly when disturbed. So, if you try to treat the mound you will disturb it and all the surviving ants will leave that mound and just set up a new one. Thus, mound treatments just lead to the displacement or movement of ants. Whereas a bait treatment is much more effective. At Dr. Green, we use a product called Top Choice which is a bait that we spread around the home and lawn. The foraging ants are attracted to this bait and they bring it home to their mound to feed the other ants in the colony. Thus, they can control the entire colony. 

Is Top Choice Guaranteed?

A good bait treatment such as Top Choice will last for one whole year, therefore at Dr. Green Services we do guarantee this treatment and offer a warranty on it. Top Choice also controls fleas and ticks, so if you order our fire ant treatment you will also receive flea and tick prevention as well. This is a great benefit if you have pets. 


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