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Get Ready For July 4th!

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Posted on: Jun 08, 2022Luis M Pérez

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Our team at Dr. Green Services hopes you have a safe and happy 4th of July this year. After a few difficult years of travel and social gatherings, we are all excited to celebrate in style with friends and family this year. Below are some tips on celebrating this 4th of July fun and insect-free. First, of course, raising the flag shows how patriotic you are. For tips on how to do this, follow these flag codes. Additionally, as you probably want to be outside as much as possible, take the following steps to make your property mosquito-free. 

  • Do not allow standing water; this will breed mosquitoes. Instead, empty open containers, eliminate puddles, put the lid on rain barrels, and avoid over-watering. 
  • Mosquitos usually hang around gutters, fence lines, shrubs, and mulch areas, so pay special attention to these spots. 
  • Get your property treated for mosquitos within three weeks of any social gatherings. Mosquito defense eliminates current mosquitos and creates a barrier on your property by treating everything they land on, so new mosquitos are also eliminated. 
  • Clean your gutters as these are breeding spots for mosquitos. 
  • Even after applying mosquito defense, you should consider wearing insect repellent to provide an extra layer of defense. 

Enjoy July 4th and warm weather without bugs! With the 4th of July rapidly approaching, we wanted to share how to make your 4th and all of your summer days extra fun and mosquito-free.

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