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Grass Treatment for Weeds

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Posted on: Feb 07, 2019Jordyn Rowntree

Weeds are resilient wild plants that grow in your yard unwanted and compete for survival with plants you’ve cultivated. Fortunately, you can control the growth and spread of weeds with a treatment designed specifically for your needs.

Pull Weeds from Root to Stem

As you pull weeds from your yard, it’s important to ensure you remove them from root to stem. For weeds with deeper roots, dig a small hole around the plant to allow the stem to loosen for easier removal. Getting rid of the entire plant will help control growth and spread.

Invest in a Pre-emergent Herbicide

One of the best ways to treat your grass for weeds is to fight against their growth before they even germinate. Using a pre-emergent herbicide, treat your grass through spring and autumn every six to eight weeks. You can stop the seeds of weeds from germinating without affecting already existing and established plants.

Apply a Fertilizer With Weed Control

If you don’t mind using chemicals in your lawn care, you can apply a fertilizer with weed control in it to your grass. This helps make the entire process easier as when you fertilize your lawn, you can also spread a powerful weed preventer to help control growth and spread of pesky plants.

Try Landscaping Fabric

A natural way to prevent weeds is to use landscaping fabric on any area in your yard that you wish to keep these pesky plants from invading. From plant beds to gardens, landscaping fabric blocks the sun from covered areas while still allowing air, water, and nutrients to make their way to wanted plants.