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Backyard or Frontyard Looking Lousy? Here’s how to take care of your lawn

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Posted on: Feb 07, 2019Jordyn Rowntree

It’s not nice to look outside and find your yard looking ugly and brown. It’s relaxing to enjoy a well-groomed and manicured lawn. Everyone has the knowledge, skills, and tools at their disposal to revive a decaying lawn and become the envy of their neighbours. Here’s how to take care of your lawn when it starts looking lousy.

Aerate, Aerate, Aerate

One of the most important steps in lawn care to take each year is to aerate your yard. Perforate your grass with small holes to allow air, water, and nutrients to make their way to grassroots. In doing so, you can help your grass get what it needs to grow in beautifully and thrive. You can stop soil compaction that leads to those ugly bare spots and unsightly uneven terrain.

Cut Your Grass With Precision

Get those lawn mower blades sharpened! If your blades are dull, this will cause ragged cuts that lead to brown, decaying grass that looks unhealthy. A clear, precise cut will do you a world of good. Ensure your cutting height is set for the season. In the spring, opt for between 2.5 and 3 inches. In the summer, maintain a cutting height of 1.5 to 2 inches. Tall grass grows stronger and healthier.

Water Your Grass Deeply

A lot of people just turn on their sprinklers every day for fifteen minutes, thinking this promotes healthy growth. But it’s quality over quantity when it comes to watering your grass. It’s better to water your grass slowly and deeply 1 inch every three to four days in the summer and 1 inch’ every week during the rest of the year.

Invest in a High-Quality Seed

We all have a budget in mind when it comes to investing in lawn care products. A great place to invest your money is into a high-quality seed. New variants of grass have been improved through the power of science to yield a finer textured, greener and more resilient grass. If you purchase cheap seed, the result will be a coarser texture, less resilient variant that more easily browns.

Use a Mulching Mower

Looking to bring an unhealthy lawn back to life? If you want to promote a lush, green lawn, choose a mulching mower that spreads grass clippings across your property that acts as a fantastic fertilizer. This is an easy way to control thatch and promote growth.