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How To Prepare Your Lawn For Spring

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Posted on: Feb 17, 2022Luis M Pérez

Spring is the time when plants and grass start waking up from their long winter dormancy. The most crucial thing on how to prepare your lawn for the spring is raking. Raking is needed to help your lawn wake up from winter dormancy. Spring raking also helps your lawn fend off potential diseases such as necrotic ring spots and pink snow mold. Therefore, give your lawn a stiff raking as soon as possible. 

Level Your Lawn Using Topsoil

Leveling out a bumpy or uneven lawn carries a lot of benefits, and it’s something you can do while the weather is cold. In addition, leveling a yard will reduce standing water. The most straightforward, most simple way to look if you have yard leveling problems is to look for standing water. If you don’t have proper drainage, you know that you have a problem. The best way to level your lawn is by adding topsoil to the lower areas. We do not recommend using a leveler such as a roller because that will further compact the soil and lead to other problems. 

mowing lawn in fall
Mower with Fall leaves

Prepping Your Lawn

An important step to prepping your lawn for spring is to clean up the leaves, twigs, and other debris gathered over the winter—the removal of any objects that may be lying around on your lawn. The winter season is hard enough on your grass as it is, so any objects on top of dormant grass have an increased possibility of damaging it.

Late Winter – Early Spring Fertilizer

In Late Winter-Early Spring, it is crucial to apply a good fertilizer treatment to the lawn. Fertilizer gives the grass the nutrients it needs to wake up and start growing again. A good spring fertilizer will help keep your grass looking thick, green, and healthy for several weeks. 

Service Your Lawn Mower And Equipment

During the winter months, it’s essential to take preventive care of your lawnmower before resuming a regular mowing schedule. Doing this improves the mower’s lifespan and performance. It will also save you time and money repairing a damaged mower or spending hours going over your lawn with a dysfunctional mower. Additionally, a mower with a sharp mower blade will give your lawn a healthier cut. Conversely, dull mower blades rip the grass blades and damage their health. These mower wounds offer a breeding ground for insects and disease. 

Mow Often

One of the big mistakes homeowners make is only mowing once a week in the spring. Letting the grass grow too long will make it difficult to mow and add stress to the lawn while mowing. i.e., tearing the lawn vs. cutting the lawn. Mowing, when the grass is tall, will also add a lot of clippings to the yard. While clipping is usually good, too many clippings will damage the lawn and give it unwanted cover.


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