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Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

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Posted on: Apr 20, 2020Raunie

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is a responsible approach to determining what actions to take when pest problems occur. With time and training the focus of IPM has become the “go to” method to maintain home lawns for professionals and homeowners alike. This practice helps control pests and keep our green spaces healthy by providing the education around the use of a variety of methods.

As trained professionals we are constantly educating ourselves to be able to apply our products effectively and responsibly. Below is a quick summary on how this process works.

Six steps for using Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

  1. Prevention: Eliminating the source can help solve a lot of problems if you know what you’re looking for.
  2. Identification: The web is a great resource to help diagnose what pests, weed or disease is actually causing the damage. Be sure to use a credible source such as OMAFRA or PLCAO to avoid misdiagnosing the problem.
  3. Monitoring: Keep a close eye on the affected area. This way you can gauge when you have identified an infestation.
  4. Determining Thresholds: This is key to understand when to step in and use a control. The goal is to use the minimum amount of product to achieve the maximum results.
  5. Pest Control Practices: This is anything from cultural (i.e. not watering at night), mechanical (i.e. getting an aeration) or chemical control methods (i.e. weed control)
  6. Evaluation: Reviewing your results. This ensures that the product (if required) is not over applied causing unnecessary exposure to our environment.
Adjust to focus on protecting our natural environment

We care about the environment, plain and simple. So, it makes sense that we take pride in maintaining green spaces. They are very beneficial to nature, our environment and, our communities. IPM promotes prevention. The best problem to have is a problem that never was but if you’re facing a difficult problem and need help we’re just a phone call or email away!

Prevention is the best medicine for a healthy, happy environment but education helps us protect our green space for future generations.