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Late Fall Fertilizing

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Posted on: Sep 07, 2022Luis M Pérez

Timing is Everything

Mid-October – early November is the best time to apply late fall fertilizer. This is when the growth process starts to slow down, and the plant is beginning to store nutrients for the long winter ahead. Applying it too early (September) will absorb everything you put down and leave nothing for the winter months. Or if you apply it too late (December), the roots cannot take up any of the nutrients, and it will sit on the top of the soil over the winter to be absorbed in the spring.

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Benefits to the Health of your Lawn

There are many benefits to putting down a late fall fertilizer. We lose some of our nutrients every winter due to the harsh and fluctuating temperatures. By strengthening the roots of the grass in the fall, it becomes more capable of withstanding the winter conditions and growing thick and healthy in the spring. A stronger lawn can withstand winter diseases such as grey and pink snow mold. A fall fertilizer that is rich in nitrogen will increase the chlorophyll content. This strengthens the crown of the grass, which keeps it safe during times of stress (either winter or summer).

Finally, applying a late fall fertilizer helps the grass store the nutrients in the root system so that when the spring weather hits, it will return strong, healthy, and earlier each spring. Some of the nitrogen from fall fertilization is stored in the soil and will immediately be taken up by the turf in the spring. 


When the weather gets cooler, it can be easy to want to put all of your tools away but remember: your grass is like a bear going into hibernation. You don’t want it waking up grumpy next year, so it’s a great idea to put down a fall fertilizer with Doctor Green this year!


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