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Lawn Care and Our Pets

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Posted on: May 01, 2021Raunie

As an animal lover and lawn care professional, I always ensure that our methods are effective as well as safe for our furry family members. My dog, Tegan often comes out on the road with me to help identify any problems our customers may be having. Her nose comes in handy when picking out stubborn weeds like wild violet and clover!

Lawn Care Products, Are They Safe?

You may ask yourself, “are lawn care products safe for my pets?”. The long and the short of it is absolutely!  People often assume that you have to put harsh chemicals on your lawn to get a beautiful green lawn. But in fact, we have proven there is another way! All of our lawn care products are 100% natural and are certified for use in the province of Ontario by Health Canada.  Though they take longer to work and require a bit more attention that traditional products, I am happy to have a less invasive product that helps our families, pets and the environment.


Fertilizer is really just a mixture of Nitrogen and Potassium to feed the grass and give your lawn that lush deep green colour. It is often applied in granular form and spread throughout the grass using a push spreader. A little goes a long way when applying granular fertilizer. Once it’s spread it often settles close to the soil and is difficult for any pet to ingest.

Weed Control

The only registered product in Ontario for control for weeds is Fiesta. This product is an iron based weed control and again, is 100% natural. This product is applied directly to the leaves and stem of an existing weed. Once dried carries the active ingredient (iron) down to the root system. It’s been a priority of mine to practice a weed and pest management program that focus’ on using the minimum amount of product to achieve the maximum results. Because of this we mostly apply Fiesta with a spot sprayer to reduce any overspray throughout your property.  We also advise our clients to allow for the product to dry before letting their pets out in the yard; however, this is less about safety and more about maximizing the ability for the product to do its job.

What to do if your Pet Eats the Grass?

It’s always important to keep an eye on your pets to identify any unusual behaviour. It’s helpful to record all symptoms, a timeline and, any difference to the pets routine that could have cause it. Tegan and I both agree that no matter what the cause, any concern about your pet can often be eased by a quick call to your local Veterinarian clinic.


I love a good Saturday afternoon play session in my back yard with Tegan. Knowing that the products we apply wont harm her in any way makes it that much more enjoyable. Especially when I watch her happily play in a thick, green and healthy lawn!