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Lawn Pest Control Methods That Actually Work

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Posted on: Feb 13, 2019Jordyn Rowntree

A beautiful lawn means efficient, high-quality lawn pest control.

However, many supposed methods of lawn pest control simply don’t work or don’t get the job done sufficiently. Just like with anything else, there’s a range of methodology and some work much better than others. Here are several of the best for keeping those pests under control.

Biological Pest Control

Biological pest control is introducing a living organism that will counteract (kill) whatever pests you are dealing with. This method of lawn pest control can be the easiest or the trickiest because of how greatly the specifics of it can vary.

For example, if the pests you’re having trouble dealing with are rodents, then the solution can be as simple as getting a cat. However, this form of pest control can also take place on a much smaller scale, like introducing parasites and pathogens that naturally feed on the pest plaguing your lawn.

Moreover, it is safe for the environment, unlike pesticides, as it involves adding a natural predator for the pests, however, there is the risk of unsettling the ecosystem in your lawn. Be sure to pick the right predators and the right conditions before implementing this method.

Clean and Clear your Lawn

Messy and unhygienic conditions are where pests thrive, don’t let that be your lawn. This means general lawn maintenance like mowing grass, trimming bushes, raking leaves and other debris clear of your lawn so the pests don’t have places to seek shelter.

It also means cleaning your gutter, making sure your garbage is properly sealed and covered when outside and regularly disposed of, that any kind of clutter on the lawn is cleared away, this can even mean rocks. Any place or thing on your lawn that can be warm or moist or provide refuge should be limited.

Get Rid of Weeds

One last thing to keep in mind of are weeds and keeping them under control. Weeds provide the perfect cover and conditions for pests to thrive in. So, if you haven’t been giving weed control the attention it requires, make lawn pest control another reason to.