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Lawn Raking Tips and Tricks

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Posted on: Sep 29, 2022Raunie

Raking is not usually a job that brings excitement to your day. However, we do have some lawn raking tips and tricks to help ease this arduous task while providing a beneficial service to your lawn.

Tip # 1: Choose the Right Rake

  • Garden Rakes are often used in spring to reduce the compacted winter thatch and promote healthy spring growth. This helps expose the soil to the air, water, and nutrients for successful spring growth.
  • Landscape or Leaf rake — This has a flexible end that allows you to run the rake over the top of the grass. This helps collect the loose leaves or debris on the surface without disrupting the soil or grass underneath

Tip # 2: Rake with the Wind

Nothing is more frustrating than working hard to rake up all the leaves and debris only to blow them all over the place at the next gust of wind. We always recommend raking with the direction the wind is blowing. This not only keeps your hard work tidy but also makes it a bit easier for you as well

Tip # 3: Find a Clever Bagging Method

  • Collect all of the leaves onto a tarp for easy collection and transport
  • Using a leaf vacuum that mulches for you
  • Leaf scoops
  • Purchase a handy Gizmo like this one where you can lay the bag down and just rake directly into the bag!

Tip # 4: Mulch Clippings and Layer Over Garden

A lot of the time, there are more leaves than we know what to do! Rather than let the bags pile up at the end of the street or at the side of your house, there is a helpful trick to reuse this valuable waste. If your lawn mower mulches the grass, it can also be used to suck up and mulch the leaves. Each time you empty the bag, you can put the contents in your garden to protect plants and reintroduce organic nutrients into your soil. This layer will help to create homes for our pollinators in the springtime when they wake up from their winter hibernation. Also, this insulates the soil for perennial plants to help protect the roots from the harsh winter weather.


So there you have it. A few lawn raking tips and tricks will help ease the potentially back-breaking chore and still help your lawns and gardens in the meantime.