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Natural Prevention of Weeds in your Lawn

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Posted on: Apr 30, 2024Raunie

With the beautiful weather finally here, we hope you get the chance to enjoy some time outside in the sunshine however, with spring comes weeds. Even the best, most well-cared-for lawns in Ontario get common weeds, as due to the pesticide regulations they cannot be fully prevented. However, here are five, easy, natural adjustments you can make to your lawn care routine to prevent weeds. 

Bag Your Clippings

It is important to bag your clippings and remove them from the lawn. This helps to prevent the weeds from spreading further. While mulching your grass can help replenish nutrients throughout the soil, it can also help create an environment for those weeds to multiply. By removing the clippings it helps reduce thatch and helps the healthy grass grow.

Lawnmower Maintenance

Always spray down the underside of your lawnmower with water after each cut. This removes any weed seeds that may have collected from continuous cuts season after season. This trick really helps almost as much as an overseeding. But be sure to spray it down on your driveway so the water drains away from your lawn.

Off With The Dandelion Heads!

When you see a dandelion, it is best to cut the yellow top off before it goes to seed (when it becomes a puffball). They may be fun to look at on a windy day but when those seeds land, they multiply faster than we can keep up.  

Proper Lawn Care Habits

Always remember to cut your lawn at 2.5” – 3”. This helps establish a deeper and stronger root system, which is one of the best natural defenses against weeds overall.  Also, watering at least twice per week also helps keep the healthy grass strong. This results in less room for the weeds to grow.


By seeding once or twice per year it replenishes older, weaker grass and helps to crowd out weeds naturally. We can not stress enough how beneficial this step is to help maintain a beautiful thick green lawn with few weeds.