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Nuisance Pest In The Winter

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Posted on: Nov 15, 2021Luis M Pérez

Where Do Insects Go In The Winter?

Nuisance pest in the winter is extremely important; You may ask yourself, where do insects go in the winter? Much like birds flying south for the winter, some insects seek out warmer climates and warm surroundings to wait out the cold. Butterflies and dragonflies head out once the temperatures drop, while other bugs take the bear approach. Insects will burrow deep underground or hide out deep under frozen-over water, and most times, insects come inside your home to seek warmth.

Nuisance Pest In The Winter…Ants

Pest Control: Why Is It Important In The Winter

Cutting your pest control service during the winter season as a cost-saving measure gives pests a head start for the spring. In addition, autumn invading pests living inside your home are not affected by the cold temperatures outdoors.

Nuisance Pest In The Winter, If you’re wondering if dogs can get fleas in the winter, the answer is yes. Flea populations might slow down a bit, especially outdoors, but they don’t go away completely. So to be safe, you’ll want to keep those flea treatments going even in the cold winter months.

different examples of insects
different examples of insects

Ticks can be pesky, and their winter habits vary by species. For the most part, ticks do not die off in the winter. The cold weather only takes out about 20% of the Tick population. Most of them have ways to stay warm. Some will remain active during fall and winter when temperatures are above freezing if they find a warm space to do so, as the backside of a deer or even your pet. Other ticks will go dormant until spring.

When it’s cold, some spider species go through a process of cold-hardening to survive the winter. Beyond the chemical transformation in their bodies, many spiders seek shelter in piles of rocks, leaves, or wood. Once snuggled up, spiders enter a slowdown state called diapause.

Nuisance Pest In  The Winter..Bugs

Dr. Green is now offering nuisance pest control with the added protection to include ants, fleas & ticks. We cover the outside of your home to prevent insects from coming inside your home. We will cover a 3-foot perimeter application around your house, and as always, we offer free service calls.

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