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Our 2024 Services: What We Can Do for You

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Posted on: Feb 29, 2024Raunie

Most companies have different programs designed to help a variety of lawns. it is important to choose a program that fits your needs based on the current state of your lawn, your expectations, and your budget. Below is a breakdown of the services that Dr. Green offers within our different programs to help you choose the best option for your specific needs.

Spring Fertilizer

Your Spring fertilizer should have a higher nitrogen content. This is because the lawn is coming out of dormancy and requires more food after the long winter months.  This is a granular application and is put down in early spring to encourage your grass to come back lush and green as the weather gets warmer.  It also allows for the roots of your grass to start storing nutrients that are needed to stay strong during the growing season.

What you can do to maximize this service:

The most important thing to do in the spring months is rake your lawn. This is a critical function because it removes any debris and thatch from the top of the soil. This allows for the fertilizer to get down to the soil to be absorbed by the roots. After the application is complete, you’ll want to wait at least 24-48 hours to cut or water your lawn. This is true for all program visits moving forward.

This service is included in All Programs

Spring Weed Control

This application is a blanket treatment of Fiesta Weed control. As the weather gets warmer, the weeds are now in full germination mode. Fiesta is a product that needs to be applied directly to the weed in order to be effective. This blanket treatment is designed to attack the most amount of young, vulnerable weeds while they are in their early stages to maximize the overall weed control strategy for the year. But this also helps slow down the growth of adult weeds to slow down their production of new seeds.

What you can do to maximize this service:

Keeping your lawn cut at 2.5” during the growing season is always considered the best practice. This is because the lawn is receiving the proper care and maintenance for the grass and soil to be receptive to any products to keep it healthy. But this application is the most important to have a freshly cut lawn. The reason for this is that the weeds also get cut. This allows for easier access for the fiesta to enter the weed and effectively destroy it.

This service is included in All Programs

Summer Slow Release Fertilizer and Targeted Weed Control

As the weather gets warmer the grass growth tends to slow down as we approach June/July. But this doesn’t mean that the grass doesn’t still need food. Our slow-release fertilizer is designed to break down in the soil to be absorbed only as the plant needs it. This is why it stays on the lawn for up to 90 days. This is also an opportunity to address the weeds again with a spot treatment application. The spot treatment method works best because the weeds are more receptive to fiesta during the hotter months when they are applied directly to the leaves in a higher concentration as opposed to a blanket treatment. It is also less stressful for any surrounding grass because it reduces the amount of product being applied where it isn’t necessary.

What you can do to maximize this service:

WATER, WATER, WATER! Keeping your lawn hydrated is the best thing you can do for your lawn during the summer months. When the temperatures get over 30 degrees Celsius the grass can go into summer dormancy. By watering your lawn, you will prevent additional stresses on the root system.  

This service is included in All Programs

Summer Targeted Weed Control

Because the previous application contained a slow-release fertilizer it is still existing in the lawn at this time. Now our technicians can fully focus solely on the weeds throughout the property with a targeted spot treatment throughout the whole lawn.

What you can do to maximize this service:

Now is a great time to check your lawn mower blade. Typically we recommend sharpening your blade once before the season starts and once way through the summer. Dull mower blades have a negative effect on your grass because instead of cutting your lawn, you are actually tearing the grass blade which is stressful to the plant as well as reduces its ability to absorb beneficial nutrients. Essentially it is the same as cutting your hair with dull scissors resulting in split ends.

This service is included in All Programs

Late Summer Fertilizer + Targeted Weed Control

This is also a granular fertilizer that is designed to help the lawn recover after the hot summer months. It is also a dedicated spot treatment for weed control.  This application normally occurs around September each year and will help your lawn go into the fall strong and healthy.

What you can do to maximize this service:

Cutting and watering is a reoccurring theme here, as we can see. And it is true about this visit as well. If there are any problem areas of concern it is always helpful to let us know so our technicians can be prepared for the application.

This service is included in All Programs

Winterizer Fertilizer

This is a granular fertilizer application that should have a higher potassium concentration. The fertilizer that is used during the growing season is designed to help the part of the grass we can see (i.e. the top). However, this fertilizer is designed to be absorbed and stored in the grass roots to survive the winter months. This application also helps reduce winter kill that is an inevitable result of our harsh winter conditions.

What you can do to maximize this service:

Rake your Leaves!!!! That is all. Seriously. Please rake.

This service is included in the Very Best Program

Liquid Aeration

This application is a blanket treatment of humic and fulvic acid with additional beneficial microbes. This can be applied either in the spring or in the fall for best results is absorbed into the soil. This creates microscopic air bubbles underneath the surface. These air pockets allow for water, air, and nutrients to reach the root system of the grass as well as create an environment where the roots and grow freely and more importantly, deeply.

What you can do to maximize this service:

This application reacts best when watered in fairly immediately after the application. The water activates the ingredients as well as pushes it further into the soil for better absorption.

This service is included in the 5-Star and Very Best Programs


Overseeding is the most important thing you can do for your lawn each season. It is a critical service because each winter we lose approximately 5-10% of our lawns due to winter kill. It also helps fill in any bare areas that would have been affected by Chinch bugs or Grubs. A thick lawn that is seeded regularly is more resilient against weed infestations, drought stress, and soil compaction.

Spot Seeding*

This application is designed to focus on bare spots throughout the lawn as opposed to spreading throughout the entirety of your property. This is a helpful service if your lawn has struggled from insect damage and the affected areas are few and far between.

Full Property Overseeding**

This application is designed to apply an even layer of seed throughout the whole property. This is important because it allows for new growth to integrate with old growth which maintains a thick and healthy environment to grow.

What you can do to maximize this service:

Water is a requirement for any seeds to grow. Best practice is providing 20-30 minutes of water each day, for two weeks, after the product is applied for maximum results. Please ensure your lawn is cut before the service and do not cut your lawn for at least one week after the service. This allows the seeds a chance to embed into the soil for the best chance to grow.

This service is included in the 5-Star* and Very Best Programs**

Chinch Bug Treatment

Chinch bugs are tiny insects that live in gardens and shrubs and creep out into the lawn during the peak of the summer. They love hot, humid, dry conditions and typically will start their damage along the edges of gardens and move into the center of the grass. Essentially, they suck out the nutrients in the grass blade which results in dead, yellowish patches. This is a spot treatment that has to be applied as the insects are present in the lawn.

What you can do to maximize this service:

Keep an eye on your lawn between the months of June – August, particularly areas surrounding gardens and bushes. If you catch it in its early stages the damage will be minimal however, these lawn terrorists can eat through an entire backyard within days if the conditions are ideal. If you notice areas start to look suspicious, watering will significantly reduce the potential for spread and additional damage.

This service is included in the Very Best Program