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Prepare to Rake Your Lawn Before Winter

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Posted on: Sep 07, 2022Luis M Pérez

Raking leaves off your yard every fall is a very important and often overlooked aspect of good lawn care practices. Trees and shrubs shed their leaves before winter every fall, and these leaves blow all over the lawn. While this may seem harmless, it’s not because these leaves get wet and are often infested with diseases that can spread into your lawn. It also forms a barrier and essentially blocks your lawn from essential nutrients. As such, raking your lawn several times every fall and before the first snowfall is important. 

Choose The Right Rake.

Choosing the right rake for your lawn is important. Hard metal rakes can damage your lawn’s roots. The best rake to use is the common fan rake, like the one seen in the picture. It’s flexible and efficient, but most importantly, it won’t damage the grass. 

Best way to rake leaves

Advice Worth Considering

The first tip is raking in the direction of the wind. Raking this way makes the raking easier, as the leaves will be blowing when you’re raking them, And it also reduces the chances of dust being blown back your way. Once you have successfully raked up a big section, you should bag it immediately before the leaves blow around again. 

The next tip is to rake when the leaves are dry. When leaves are dry, they are easier to rake and pick up. Once the leaves are wet, they become much harder to move around. 

A third tip you should follow is that no matter what you do, rake before the first snowfall. Once it snows, the chances of being able to clear all the debris in time for winter lowers significantly, and this substantially increases the likelihood you will contract a disease in the spring. Moreover, these leaves will still need to be raked up in the spring, and it is very difficult to clear them after they have been buried in spring all winter. 


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