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Prepare your lawn for the Fall

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Posted on: Aug 23, 2021Luis M Pérez

It is important to prepare your lawn for the fall, and one of the key components is water. Watering will allow your lawn to develop healthy roots. If your yard is dry going into winter, it will become a stressed lawn in the spring.

Your lawn needs to conserve its energy. In the fall, roots are still growing, and the grass blades bring on the nutrients needed. Mowing your lawn will help your yard maintain a good balance of roots and blades.

Even though the lawn is beginning to turn brown, you need to fertilize it, as the roots are hard at work storing nutrients for the winter and the following growing season.

mowing lawn in fall
Mower with Fall leaves

Aeration and Overseeding (Illinois)

Aeration and Overseeding improve your lawn’s overall health and appearance. 70% of all root growth occurs in the fall, making this an excellent time to seed your lawn. Aerating your lawn is critical if you have heavy or compacted soil . If you are going to seed your lawn, make sure you do not use a pre-emergent as that will impede the germination of new grass seed. This is a great time to fill in those bare areas left behind by dead leaves, insect damage, or general wear and tear.

Fall aeration and overseeding mechanical aeration

Pre-emergent and Growth Inhibitors (Texas)

In Texas fall is all about Pre-emergent and Growth inhibitors.
The main goal is to prevent persistent winter weeds such as rescue grass, poa annua, and creeping charlie. Pre-emergent and growth inhibitors are essential if you are not overseeding as you must wait at least 4 to 6 weeks. It will help prevent crabgrass and other weeds from germinating. Pre-emergent does not stop weeds altogether, but it is a good start for the spring.

Rake Your Leaves

Another important thing to prepare your lawn for the fall is to rake your leaves weekly. Once the leaves start falling, it is essential to remove them from your lawn at least once a week. Raking your leaves is vital, as they will lay there over the winter and create all sorts of problems for the coming year. For example, If leaves are leftover in winter and not raked it will cause a fungus in the spring as dead leaves can spread fungus as the snow melts.

woman wearing jeans raking fallen leaves in front yard in Autumn
woman wearing green boots raking fallen leaves in the front yard in Autumn

Trees and Shrubs

Winterize trees and shrubs as evergreens will experience extreme moisture loss during the winter. Dr. Green Lawn Care can apply a special oil that prevents moisture loss.

Prepare your lawn for the Fall...Trees and Shrubs
Plant with ornamental fall berries

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