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Preparing your Garden for Winter

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Posted on: Oct 31, 2023Raunie

Preparing your garden for winter is a critical step in keeping it strong and healthy year after year. A lot of time and energy goes into your property year after year so these quick steps will protect that investment and improve the curb appeal of your home. Read below for tips to help your lawns best friend stay just as healthy so they can grow old together.

Pruning your Perennials Back

Before the first frost occurs, you’ll want to prune back your perennials. This allows for them to conserve their energy efficiently over the winter months and growing back stronger and stronger each year. Firstly, you’ll want to ensure that your pruning shears or clippers are sharp. This allows for a clean cut to help the plant recover quickly. Depending on the plant, you’ll want to leave approximately 4-5 inches of foliage above the soil. If you end up trimming too short, it could affect the resiliency of the plant long-term. A bonus to trimming back your perennials is that it is great compost fuel for a rich mixture to cultivate for next springs planting.

Wrap your Shrubs and Small Trees in Burlap

While this step isn’t necessarily a requirement, a particularly harsh winter can cause a significant amount of damage to trees and shrubs. This step adds a layer of protection to help your garden thrive after each season. It is recommended that the younger the plant requires more love and care to establish its root system. By wrapping these plants early helps protect your investment and the provide a safe, breathable protection for the tree or shrub. This handy tip also helps protect the plant from the sun. The sun may not be providing a significant amount of heat, it still is possible to cause a sun burn so the burlap acts as a protective cover while it is in dormancy.

Final Raking of the Year

Depending on how many leaves are still left on the lawn before the first snowfall, apply a layer of those leaves to the garden beds to help insulate over the winter months. It provides a habitat for butterflies, bees and other beneficial insects to create their winter homes free from predators or disruption. This also creates a nutrient source for the soil as well as protects the root system of existing plants within the garden. It’s always good to replenish the natural life within the existing soil each year to create strong and resilient plants that are not just beautiful but require limited maintenance.

Bonus Tip!

Don’t forget to turn off your outside water from inside your house. this reduces the risk of the pipes bursting and your basement flooding. No one wants to deal with this… ever… Happy Winter Everyone!