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Root Booster – What, Why, and How?

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Posted on: Apr 22, 2022Raunie


Lawn care is a constantly evolving industry. Many different products, equipment and technologies are developed over time to improve the overall health of the grass, reducing environmental impacts, as well as improving efficiencies while still providing a healthy green lawn for you and your family to enjoy. This ever changing market allows us access to unique and new methods that we can apply to improve the effectiveness of your overall lawncare plan. The Root booster was tested in 2020 and implemented in 2021 and we’ve seen a huge impact in the lawns ability to absorb and retain nutrients.

What is it?

A Root Booster is essentially blend of humic and fulvic acid. When applied in the spring-time when your grass is establishing its root system it will help beneficial nutrients become more available to be absorbed. This, in turn, makes your lawn care program more efficient and more effective. This component of lawn care will help set your lawn up for success for the growing season by allowing it to establish a good, strong root system that absorbs as well as stores helpful nutrients in the surrounding soil.

Why Does my Lawn Need it?

Over the years, there has been a shift in focus when it comes to lawns and lawn care programs. It was common to focus on the health of the grass that you can see, which makes sense of course! However, recent studies have shown that an interest in soil quality and root development has more long-term success. The benefit of shifting focus to the roots is simply that the result is a more lush, green, and healthy lawn overall. When in doubt it’s always best to focus on the root of any problem (ha!) to solve it for good so we apply that logic to our lawn care programs and services to make sure we’re always using the right products for the right results.

Benefits of Humic Acid in your lawn

  • Increases the lawns ability to absorb and store nutrients and water
  • Strengthens the root system of the grass blade, making it more resistant to insect, drought and disease
  • Replenishes existing soil with nutrients to be available to your grass when/if it needs it
  • Improves nutrient exchange between the plant and the soil. This allows for a more symbiotic relationship.


There are a lot of different products and theories out there for improving your grass and it’s always best to choose an option based on your lawns specific needs. However, I will say that a Root Booster is one product that we stand behind to maximize your lawn care plan and improve the efficiency of your grasses biology. When the grass is happy, we’re happy!