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Seed and Feed

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Posted on: Apr 13, 2021Raunie

Seed and feed is a unique product available that can significantly help supplement your lawn care procedures to achieve the thick, healthy lawn we all strive for. Although most people assume that all seedings are alike, this article will breakdown the subtle differences as well as provide basic instructions to achieve the best results from your seed and feed treatment.

What is Seed and Feed?

Simply put, this product is premium grass seed mixed with granular, organic compost and a start up fertilizer component to spark germination in tough to grow areas like dog spots, or areas that have high heat (like beside your driveway).

Differences between Overseeding and Seed and Feed

A Full property overseeding consists of a triple blend of Kentucky Blue Grass, Tall Fescue and Perennial Rye grass seeds. We always recommend to overseed your lawn once per year to maintain an existing healthy lawn. With Seed and feed, this product is more geared towards trouble spots (i.e. dog urine spots or areas underneath pine/spruce trees or shrubs). The combination of compost start up fertilizer and grass seed is an excellent way to promote growth in these stubborn spots to keep your lawn looking even and healthy throughout your whole yard.

How to Apply for Best Results

With seedings, a common misconception is that by putting down more grass seed it will stimulate more growth. Unfortunately, this is not the case and by overapplying you may result in the seeds choking themselves out and not geminating at all. The same is true for seed and feed! By putting down a hand full per area that is approximately the size of a coffee cup is more than enough to stimulate growth. Another rule of thumb is that after you apply if you stick your finger in the area and it goes up to your first knuckle, then that’s enough! Always be sure to water in the areas of concern each day for 30 minutes for up to 2 weeks or when you start seeing small shoots stick out


If you’re going to choose a seed and feed product to supplement your existing overseeding routine, follow these simple steps and your lawn will thank you!