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When to Seed Your Lawn: Tips & Tricks

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Posted on: Aug 23, 2021Luis M Pérez

When to Seed

You can seed at any time of the year. However, the best time is spring or fall. This is because the grass needs enough time to grow. Therefore, seeding should be done several weeks before winter and the first frost.

We recommend that you seed at least every two years and optimally yearly, if possible. This will help the lawn to stay healthy, thick, and dense. In addition, a thick and healthy lawn will choke out those pesky weeds that are always showing up. Remember, if you have pets, it might be required more often as it will help prevent bare patches.

Some people might think that they need to kill the existing lawn areas before they seed or reseed. This is an option, in extreme cases where the lawn is alomost completely destroyed or overrun with problems, but in the vast majority of cases this is not necessary. Yearly seeding will help a lawn recover very well in a short period of time (1 to 2 years). 

When to seed your lawn...Over Seeding by hand
Picture of hand with seeds ready to overseed

How To Seed

  • Always rake the areas to remove leaves and debris.
  • It is best to loosen the soil in those areas to about 1 inch. You can also use compost if you wish to spread and level those areas.
  • Apply 1 to 2 inches of top soil and apply the seeds on top. Or Aerate the entire lawn prior to seeding instead. 
  • Try not to walk or decrease traffic in those areas as much as possible. Additionally, make sure that you allow enough time before stepping on those seeded areas.
when to seed your lawn… seeding a lawn

Types Of Seeds For Different Parts Of The Country

In Texas, most of the lawns are either Bermuda, St. Augustine, or Zoysia. Out of the three, St. Augustine is the only one that has to be sodded. Bermuda grass has many varieties as there are more than 50 different types of Bermuda grass grown around the world. Therefore seeding Bermuda grass is typically difficult unless you know what type of grass you have.

In Illinois, the most common grass is Kentucky Bluegrass.

Seeding Your Lawn VS. Laying Sod

The average cost of laying sod depends on the size of the lawn. Therefore, it is less expensive to lay sod in small areas. Laying grass shows results immediately vs. seeding the yard, which will take at least a month to see the grass results. However, the larger the area, the more expensive the sod becomes.

Sodding a yard
Sod as it is being laid down

Watering Is Critical

Your lawn is a living thing, it requires water, especially after seeding or soding. Therefore, it is recommended that the first watering should be at least one hour to make sure that the seeds are watered correctly and thereafter at least 30 minutes a day for the next 2 weeks.

Sedd your lawn...Water Your Grass Effectively

Have questions Or Want To Learn More?

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