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8 Ways to Take Care of Your Lawn This Spring

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Posted on: Apr 28, 2023Jordyn Rowntree

Spring is one of the most important seasons for lawn care.

After the snow has melted and the ice has thawed, exposing your grass to the sun and heat, it’s time to start your Spring lawn care. As the weather warms your grass will start growing again, but it needs some help from you to become its best. Here are 8 Spring lawn care tips for a thick, green lawn this year.

1. Remove Debris and Rake

Debris, whether organic or synthetic, can obstruct your grass, resulting in soil compaction, uneven terrain, bare spots, and nutrient depletion. In turn, it’s integral to rid your yard of debris, grass, leaves, moss, and thatch.
Thatch can accumulate on the top of your soil from compacting organic debris. Using a stiff rake, you can de-thatch your yard and remove all of the dead material that is stopping your grass from receiving nutrients.

2. Sharpen your Mower Blade

It is important to make sure that your lawn mower blade is sharp. The reason for this is that a dull blade can result in an uneven cut that causes split ends in the grass blade. This causes stress on the lawn. This stress can result in the grass’s ability to absorb the beneficial nutrients that the plant needs to survive. There are many professionals that can perform this task for you but always remember, safety first!

3. Aerate

Whether it is a traditional core aeration or a liquid aeration, this is a key service to have done annually. This service allows for air, water, and nutrients to reach deeper into the soil which results in a strong root system and healthier grass.

4. Apply a Thin Layer of Soil

By applying a thin layer of topsoil to your grass, you can address uneven terrain and bare spots in your yard. However, always use a high grade of the soil and improve the overall soil quality without negatively impacting the turf below.

5. Water Deep

It’s quality over quantity when it comes to watering your grass. Rather than lightly sprinkling several times over, instead, soak grass once a week so that water is applied deeply to your grassroots. Always remember, mother nature does a lot of watering for us in the Spring. So it is good to keep track of the weather to make sure your lawn doesn’t get too thirsty.

6. Cut High

By cutting your lawn high to a height of 6 to 8 centimeters (2.5 to 3 inches), you can promote growth, and stop weeds and pests from infiltrating your grass.

7. Apply a Spring Fertilizer

After our long, sometimes harsh winters your lawn will be hungry as it comes out of dormancy. This spring fertilizer should contain high nitrogen counts to ensure that it is getting the nutrients early to be able to grow stronger as the weather gets warmer.

8. Overseed Bare Areas

By overseeding those bare or thin spots in the spring, it fills in areas where weeds love to grow. This is an important step in the spring process to make sure your lawn is set up for success this year!