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The Importance of Grass Edging Your Landscaping

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Posted on: Feb 12, 2019Jordyn Rowntree

When perfecting the look of your lawn, there are many aspects of landscaping that come into play, one considerably overlooked aspect is grass edging. Edging is creating a clear delineation line between the grass in your lawn and the flowerbeds or any other sections of your yard. It is of great importance that it is conducted regularly if you want your lawn looking its best.

To go about doing this, you’ll need an edger and possibly a trimmer as well.

Then simply make neat lines at the edges of your grass, creating a clear point of division between the grass and whatever else lies on your yard, giving each area of your yard a look of distinction.

To draw an analogy here, to help explain edging’s value, a lawn that hasn’t had its grass edged is like a picture that is unframed. If the picture is sufficiently beautiful and the grass sufficiently cared for, both can stand alone. However, both will be enhanced with a finishing touch that really highlights what lies within their borders. Thus, if having your lawn look as good as it can is of value to you, then grass edging is an invaluable practice.

Another thing to keep in mind with edging is how it displays the unique shape of each lawn.

Each yard includes grass as well as the other sections within it like flower beds that have their own particular shapes. Without edging, they can all just blend into each other, risking making your yard appear as an undefined assortment of vegetation. Grass edging eliminates this risk.

Finally, grass edging actually improves lawn health, as edging tidies up the edges of a lawn.

This keeps them neat and reinforcing the mindset to keep the entirety of lawn well ordered. After all, one of the worst things for a lawn is clutter or mess. Any time a lawn becomes crowded it’s liable to provide safe havens for pests.

Moreover, edging, working hand-in-hand with mowing, helps reduce weeds by providing them with fewer places of refuge to grow. Hence, grass edging can be used as a health practice along with a landscaping one.