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Tips for Your Spring Yard Clean Up This Year

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Posted on: Feb 13, 2019Jordyn Rowntree

Winter’s coming to an end and that means several things: fertilizing your lawn, getting ready to water your lawn, and, of course, a spring yard clean up. With that said, with your yard having been untouched for such a long time, it can be difficult to figure out where to get started. Therefore, to wipe away any worries you might have, here are tips to get you going.


Firstly, the most noticeable thing for you to deal with for your spring yard clean up will be the leaves littering your yard. They will have built up considerably over the winter and will need to be gotten rid of without harming the vegetation beneath. Among the leaves there may well be other refuse that needs to be disposed of.

Consequently, this is where raking comes in. Rakes can be used to clear up leaves and other debris without damaging your yard. Therefore, it’s important you use the right rake – a lawn or leaf rake – and if you do, it will make clearing up your yard much easier, giving it a chance to breathe after the winter.

Pick up

Part of a spring yard clean up involves being hands on. However, that certainly doesn’t mean being rough with your yard or using your hands when you would be better served using the necessary tools.

What it does mean is that if anything that’s lying on your yard isn’t meant to be there and wasn’t gotten rid of via the raking, simply pick it up.

All kinds of things might have built up over winter, from broken branches and stalks to general waste like dog feces, that aren’t suited to being gathered via a rake. With such items, your hands will do fine.


There are going to be stems and branches on your trees and shrubs that are simply overgrown, damaged, dead, or perhaps even diseased. Thus, they will need trimming as a result.

As such, this is where pruning comes in for a spring yard clean up. You get rid of the unnecessary parts of your trees and shrubs, making them healthier and look better.

Collect Compost

Last of all, with all that organic material having been built up and collected, it needs to go somewhere. Thankfully, it can be put to good use! Most organic matter or compost that you collect from your yard should be stored in your compost bag or bin.

Ideally, you want this compost to have a good mix of material that is rich in carbon and rich in nitrogen. Together, given time to sufficiently breakdown, they will provide a nutrient rich blend that you can apply to your yard.