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Tree And Shrub Care

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Posted on: Apr 18, 2022Luis M Pérez

Tree And Shrub Care

Something like 7 in 10 homeowners have some sort of lawn care service for their property. Whether they do it themselves or hire a company, most homeowners generally understand that lawns need some TLC to stay thick, green, healthy, and weed-free. However, many people don’t realize that ornamental trees and shrubs need care too. 

What Is Included In A Tree And Shrub Plan?

Most lawn care programs include a combination of seasonal fertilizing, weed control, and insect control because these are the common issues that affect home lawns. Trees and shrubs, it is very similar. A good tree and shrub plan will include spring and fall fertilizing as well as seasonal protection for damaging insects and fungus. 

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What Types Of Problems Do Trees And Shrubs Face?

Trees and shrubs typically suffer from insect and disease problems. On the insect side, this can be chewing, sucking, boring or rasping insects. Anything from grubs to aphids, scales, or caterpillars can cause serious damage to your plants. On the disease side, there are many pathogens that affect trees and shrubs such as leaf spots, root rot, black spot, or powdery mildew. These issues can range in severity from simple discoloration all the way to destruction. The good thing is that these issues are all easy to predict and prevent. Good tree and shrub care will provide preventative and curative insect and disease treatments throughout the growing season when insects and diseases are prevalent. 

Other Ways To Care For My Trees And Shrubs?

As with lawn care, a good maintenance plan for your ornamental trees and shrubs will go a long way. Trees and shrubs require regular water and periodic pruning to remain healthy. Also, when pruning, make sure you have sharp sheers so that you do not rip or tear at the plant as this will create open wounds that will lead to greater issues from insects and disease. 


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